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Creating brands and curating events in wellness.


A Space to Create.


It’s difficult for me to put my work in a box anymore, as I’ve found myself creating in many different ways. I used to call myself simply a graphic designer, then I trained as a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner, and now I curate events and trainings that are inspired by my combined experience. It feels right that this space online has become a place for me to share the various ways in which I create, and how they’ve all begun to weave together quite beautifully, with a common thread of wellness.


A Space to Heal.


I started my yoga journey as most people do, very much in a physical space. As I explored further, I became fascinated with the subtle body and the power of stillness, being coaxed into more introspection in my daily practice by how healing I found this approach. Being fascinated by both science and spirituality, yoga as a broader concept continues to offer me constant personal development, and a pathway to self healing. I will continue to share what currently inspires me, both in 121 sessions, on my retreats and in workshops.


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Exploring how to heal.


Telling Your Story.


Specialising in working with start ups and smaller businesses means that my experience has been varied. I’ve been with many of my clients from the spark of their idea, helped them curate a story and visual aesthetic, and supported them through the hard work of developing the concept. I’ve worked with gym concepts, yoga studios, energy healers, natural skincare brands, mala makers, wellness festivals, vegan cooks and ethical clothing brands.


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